General conditions of transfers

                                                      act as agent on behalf of the providers of transfer services in Serbia. Read carefully the terms and conditions of booking. They apply to all bookings made with and refer to each individual passenger.

1. Your Contract

When you book a transfer via the Internet, our confirmation will be within 24 hours . You have to confirm once again that you receive this e-mail. If we don’t receive a mail from you that you got all information from us, we can not send a car to waiting for you.

The contract is subject to these reservation conditions and all booking conditions will apply to every booking made with
When the contract was made, the liability of provider of transfer services is to provide you with what you have booked. It is important to check carefully the details of your booking when you receive it.

Transfers in Belgrade is not responsible for the information that you do not receive as a result of your error to supply a valid E-mail.

If you wish to cancel a reservation, it is possible that in some cases pay the costs of cancellation of the reservation.


You can pay, in cash to the driver, by bank transfer, and only in some cases for now, by credit card on spot or credit card not present.


We can accept reservation within 24 hour of your departure time but only in cases when some of vehicle is free at that moment otherwise we reserves the right to cancel transfer.

2. Unconfirmed reservation

It is possible that in some cases service provider of transfer will not be able to confirm the reservation. In such cases TransfersinBelgrade reserves the right to cancel transfer and fully refund the funds paid for the canceled transfer.

3. Prices

Prices are listed in EUR. We reserve the right to change prices at any time before making a reservation. Payments will be made after booking of transfer, unless both parties agree otherwise.

4. Our price guarantee

Prices change periodically. Prices can be reduced and increased. You will know the exact price before making a reservation. We guarantee that when you make a reservation, the price will not increase, including VAT and other government taxes. Keep in mind that when you make a reservation and agree to pay the agreed price, that is the price you pay. If the price decreases, you do not have the right to use the services of transfer at the altered price.

5. If you want to change your reservation?

If you want to change your reservation details, including date and/or arrival time, destination you can do this by sending e-mail to TransfersinBelgrade using information that we send you via email upon confirmation of booking.
Any changes in services, transfers must be made before the trip **

** Under certain circumstances, TransfersinBelgrade understands that a number of factors are not under the control of clients and as such, the changes will be treated in accordance with freedom of choice of service providers transfer.

6. Cancellation and refund policies

If you want to cancel the arrangement of transfer, we require confirmation by e-mail by leading passenger (lead passenger or agency that made reservation for clients). Costs are based on the total cost reservations and they are as follows:

For cancellation:
More than 72 hours - free of charge
Less than 72 hours prior to travel - 50% of price will be charged
Less than 24 hours prior to travel - 100% (Full price will be charged)

Cancellation will be considered from the moment when we receive cancellation notification e-mail.

6.1. Can I get a refund when I have prepaid?

When you pre-pay in advance, there will be no refund of the prepaid amount if the final cost is less than the prepaid amount (e.g. for unused days, where you decide to no longer use vehicle with driver or when you book return transfer etc.)

Keep in mind that when you make a reservation and agree to pay the agreed price, that is the price you pay. If the price decreases, you do not have the right to use the services of transfer at the altered price.

7. If we change your booking

In some cases the service provider transfers may change or cancel your reservation. In this case we will notify you immediately.
Keep in mind that service providers and transfers TransfersinBelgrade are not responsible for additional costs incurred as a result of this, and nor will be obligated to pay compensation.

8. Our responsibility

TransfersinBelgrade acts as an agent for the reservation and as such has no responsibility for the arrangement of transfer, in particular any responsibility for illness, personal injury, death or loss of any kind, except if caused by our negligence.
Vehicles are fully insured as required by law of the Republic of Serbia. Although every precaution is taken in terms of care and attention, transportation assets clients is entirely at your own risk, TransfersinBelgrade accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused. Client is advised to check their travel insurance.
Please note that the service provider transfers will always try to deliver/pick you up the closest to your accommodation. In some cases it may still not be possible for vehicle to approach the house/hotel/pick up place due to circumstances beyond the power of the supplier of transfers.
We confirm transport vehicle but not specifically. We reserve the right to substitute a car passenger transport a van or bus, except if the note is not specifically indicated that the ride has to be that vehicle.

9. Your responsibility

TransfersinBelgrade and service provider transfers do not accept any responsibility for transfers that are not received, due to providing false information when booking.
After making a reservation, please follow the given date and time displayed in the details of the flight. This will prevent confusion that may be caused by early morning flights.
Your responsibility is to care about your hand bagage, cell phones, computers, batery charges etc. In case that you forgot it in our vehicel, all costs will be at your expense.
It is also your responsibility to have valid travel documents. If we or the carrier is punished as a result of your holding incorrect documents, we will require you to pay the full amount.
The requirement to make a reservation through us that you have sufficient travel insurance for your reservation.
Smoking is prohibited in all our vehicles.

10. Special requirements

Provider transfers will always do our best to fulfill every request, but keep in mind that this can not be guaranteed. Transfer service provider is not obliged to pay compensation in such cases. More suitcases or out of standard laguage has to be announced in booking form.

11. Late arrival

Transfersinbelgrade and transfer service providers will seek to provide a transfer service if it comes to flight delays or influence them to circumstances beyond your control.
Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to notify us of late arrival. It is not always possible to predict and obtain information in such cases. As a result, no Transfersinbelgrade provider of services or transfers will not accept responsibility for failed transfers due to cancellations, delays or other problems related to flight.
Transfersinbelgrade guarantee free of charge waiting for the first hour of departure time (officiall time of lending). If passanger call our operator in first 60 min of lending the plain and tell us that has a problem with laguage (and later proof this), our driver will wait for passanger as long as is need, also free of charge! If the passanger doesn’t contact us in first 60 min of lending the plain, the driver doesn’t have any obligation to wait a client further. In any other case, we will charge 5 eur per hour.
In case you do not arrive on the return flight because of transfers, if the circumstances are outside service providers power, the transfer provider will not be liable for additional costs and will not bear the cost.

12. Misbehavior

We reserve the right to terminate the reservation without notice to any client whose conduct, in our opinion, is likely to cause embarrassment, distress or danger to another client or a third party. If you are unable to travel because of government judgment, or it is likely that you will to cause discomfort or confusion among the other passengers, our responsibility for your transfer stops. Full price will be charged, we will not be required to carry a refund, compensation or any further assistance.

13. Compensation

When you book a transfer service by Transfersinbelgrade you accept responsibility for any damage caused to the Vehicle by You or someone in your party. Transfer service provider reserves the right to cancel the reserved service, or any of the members of your party, because of your or their misconduct, In the reasonable opinion of their own.
Under these circumstances the full amount of cancellations will be charged, without any refunds. In addition, providers of transfer service will not be under obligation to pay compensation or any other expenses that may arise as a result of the breakdown of the agreed services.

14. Disputes

In the event of any dispute our liability shall not exceed the cost of the services transfer. Each lawsuit is subject to the court.

15. Complaints and Appeals

If you experience any problems with transfers in Serbia, immediately contact the TransfersinBelgrade or call +381-69-249-56-88 to give us the opportunity to solve the problem.
If you feel that things are not corrected and the problem persists, please send us your complaint in writing to our customer service complaints within 7 days of return. Keep in mind that if you submit a complaint after 7 days of return, it will not be accepted and the case will not be investigated. Once we receive your appeal, within 14 days we will respond to your complaint.
If you have extra costs and believe that TransfersinBelgrade should pay, we will take into account only the requests that are submitted with the invoice or invoices for these costs. Submission of these does not mean automatically that these costs will be covered.


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